With over 30 years of experience in moving in Boston and beyond...we've learned a few things!

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Being the best household moving company in Boston is, unbelievably enough, only one facet of Titans capabilities.

Everyday, Titan crews are working in all areas of Massachusetts accomplishing jobs that no moving company could dream of taking on and most rigging companies aren’t really equipped for.

These tasks range from moving heavy machinery up to 5000 pounds in weight to crane hoisting air conditioning units to roof tops up to 150 feet high. A specialty of ours has been the moving and setting up of optical tables or laser tables from the high tech labs throughout rt. 495 to M.I.T. in Cambridge.

Our equipment consists of forklifts up to 6000 lb. capacity to 25 ton capacity cranes all capable of being brought to your job site with a mere phone call. Construction companies have been using Titan for years to hoist material on their sites mainly because of our novel use of a 2 man crew with 2-way radios that eliminate any risk and free up the construction crew to do what they do best.

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