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Craning and hoisting is the intelligent way around narrow stairs and impossible-to-navigate hallways. Craning directly into a room many floors up, allows us to place over-sized furniture, armoires, pianos, and other large pieces where only card tables and bar stools could reach before.

Our rates factor in the height (in floors) and the number of pieces to be craned. Give us a call at 617-782-0383 or use the form on the right to get a price quote.

Furniture Elevators

For those with many big pieces, or entire households moving up to high floors, we suggest the furniture elevator, or Secret Weapon, as we call it. Consisting of a platform mounted on a mechanized ladder, the furniture elevator enables you to bypass endless trips up and down through a building. They can shuttle the grand piano as well as all the many boxes that are part and parcel of a household move.

Many buildings in Boston have such narrow and twisting hallways and stairs, that navigating through them with a bag of groceries can be a challenge. Imagine the time and cost of having a moving crew navigate all your possessions through such a maze and it’s easy to see how equipment like this can save time and money.

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